This past Saturday, I went to support a few local gospel hip hop artist I know at a Youth Explosion at First Mount Carmel in 5th Ward. There was also a guest minister named Pastor P, from this church in Sunnyside (I forgot the name of the church). I writing this because over the past few years I’ve been doing Holy Hip Hop, people who know me and know my past tend to question how or even why I do it. In the past, in particularly junior high, high school and college, while I went to church everyday, the church wasn’t in me. I knew the word of God, right from wrong, etc… but I continued to participate in activities that I shouldn’t have. I won’t go into depth about those but I will say, I was far from a saint. These days, when I’m out ministering and trying to walk the straight and narrow, I always run into people I’ve known for years. I’ve come to find out that people will label you by what you’ve done in the past, regardless of what you’re presently doing. Read more