Chuck's Crown Vic on Dubbs

Chuck's Crown Vic on Dubbs

So…why am I writing this post?  In all honesty, not sure.  I recently purchased a set of 20 inch rims to put on my Ford Crown Victoria.  It just so happened that my digital camera was in the car at the time so I decided to get some footage of them being put on.  After looking at the footage and needing a reason to play with iMovie, I made a short video of the rims getting put on.  Of course as I rode off, I began noticing all sorts of Crown Vic’s with all kinds of rims and paint jobs.  But anyway…check mine out…peace!


Will Money Change You (my 1st post)

One of my good friends told me the other day, Chuck, you should start blogging. I was like I know and then he was like, well, why haven’t you started. So…I’m starting. While typing this, I’m overhearing a conversation between a coworker and the president of my company about how most people change when they get “into the money”. Why do people change, if they really change?

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