Blessings #HaveMercy

Blessings #HaveMercy

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This post, I want to talk about blessings…but not just blessings but the act of being blessed. More importantly, I have this question I want to hightlight. Why do people who you know, and I mean know well, tend to hate you the most when God is blessing you?

God has been so good to each and everyone, whether you know it or believe it. When you try hard and work for things that you genuinely want, it feels good when you God allows you to accomplish what it is you set out for. With that accomplishment, you tend to look for someone to celebrate with. You want to share that experience. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with companionship to share life’s experiences with. I’m talking about friends in particular.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the time they don’t know they are hating. They’ve forgotten that God blesses everyone according to his riches and according to their level of faith. Don’t hate me…for three reasons.

1.) It’s just not cool and I have nothing but love for you
2.) It won’t bother me and is a waste of time.
3.) Think about if Jesus came back right when you were hating… 2 Corinthians 12:20.

Anyway, I said all of that to say, check out #Blessings. This is another song from the #HaveMercy mixtape coming this summer. Answer this for me…why do you think people hate on you?


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This past Saturday, I went to support a few local gospel hip hop artist I know at a Youth Explosion at First Mount Carmel in 5th Ward. There was also a guest minister named Pastor P, from this church in Sunnyside (I forgot the name of the church). I writing this because over the past few years I’ve been doing Holy Hip Hop, people who know me and know my past tend to question how or even why I do it. In the past, in particularly junior high, high school and college, while I went to church everyday, the church wasn’t in me. I knew the word of God, right from wrong, etc… but I continued to participate in activities that I shouldn’t have. I won’t go into depth about those but I will say, I was far from a saint. These days, when I’m out ministering and trying to walk the straight and narrow, I always run into people I’ve known for years. I’ve come to find out that people will label you by what you’ve done in the past, regardless of what you’re presently doing.

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