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Still Christian

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Still Christian is a few bars Poetic Prophet penned being inspired by Jay Z’s track, The Story of OJ.


Feet – Introduction

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Introduction is the 1st song on Feet’s, God Bless The Feet album available right now.

Poetic Prophet – Bars #NowOrNever

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“Bars” was a song inspired by Sway’s, Five Fingers where the artist he is interviewing gets a chance to drop some bars over some familiar tracks. It was also an opportunity for me to try and display some lyrical skill while delivering the message of the Savior. The lyricism in Christian Hip Hop is always presented with bias opinions. Some feel that since

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A1 – CREAM video

Category : Videos

This is the 3rd visual from A1’s, Young & Saved mixtape

A1 – Open Up

Category : Videos

Open Up is the first visual from A1’s, Young & Saved mixtape.

A1 – Levels video

Category : Videos

This is the 2nd visual from A1’s, Young & Saved mixtape

That Man

That Man is a track from JT tha Golden Child’s latest project, Untold Stories. Check it out.

Jockin My Fresh Video

Category : Videos

Jockin My Fresh is the second single from Untold Stories. It is JT The Golden Child featuring Poetic Prophet with Marlo on the da Trak.


Category : Videos

Understanding is the first visual from JT’s Untold Stories album.


Walk Like Christ

Category : Videos

This is a performance of Walk Like Christ featuring Jordan Grove’s Ambassador’s For Christ.

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