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Have Mercy Mixtape

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Poetic Prophet Have Mercy Mixtape

The Have Mercy mixtape is finally available. It has 16 tracks using all sorts of instrumentals and original tracks. The album features include:

A1 * Christian Man * Ameera York
RIFICA * Mo Like Christ * Franklean
Brianna Lewis * Akilah Lewis
JCINO * Trinity * Immortal * Educator

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Blessings Video #HaveMercy

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Remember the song “Blessings”, off the #HaveMercy mixtape? I finally got around to doing a video for it. Check it out, tell me what you think.

Witnessing by Poetic Prophet & RIFICA

While working on the Have Mercy mixtape, I knew I had to get my brother RIFICA on the project. I like his flow and wanted to work with him. I shared with him the concept for the song and told him how I wanted to do it. After going through hundreds of instrumentals, I came across the “Pandemonium” track on the MMG Self Made volume 1 album. I immediately thought, “this is it right here”.I told Rif about it, downloaded and sent him the track and then scheduled some time in the lab.

Once recorded, we both realized this could be a pretty big song, considering we used an instrumental. It became evident immediately that this would need to go on both of the projects in the making. I was working on Have Mercy da mixtape and he was working the Death of Me mixtape.

What was interesting was that after both projects released, Rif and I began to get similar reviews from people who heard the projects. Witnessing was becoming a favorite.

Long story short…we decided to give a visual. I have a video camera and some subpar experience in video editing. I do have great faith and follow through though. We met at Kitty Hollow park and recorded the footage. I prayed about it and did some editing and rest is history. I present to you, Witnessing by Poetic Prophet and RIFICA. Enjoy and comment below. Thanks!

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Poetic Prophet – Have Mercy – 9.15.12

Poetic Prophet - Have Mercy mixtapeLadies & Gents, Brothers & Sisters, the release of my latest mixtape, #HaveMercy, is rapidly approaching. I went in on this one too, you know how I do. It was interesting though because this year has been crazy. God has truly been showing himself to me. I’ve had tons of ups and downs in 2012. I count it all joy. Making music is a way for me to release…kinda like leaving it at the alter, knowamsain.

Anyway, I basically chose several radio tracks that I liked and begin writing to them. Then, it seemed like God turned on a switch inside of me and I couldn’t stop writing. It seemed like I was writing a verse everyday. You might remember when I first started the mixtape. The whole thing began falling into place. You know how God do when you operating according to what he has for you, everything just seems to work out right.

It wasn’t until I recorded the first song for the mixtape, Young Ones, that I decided on the title #HaveMercy.

I’m thinking about doing something private for the release of it…like have some family and friends over and we all cPoetic Prophet - Have Mercy mixtape back coverhill out and jam it. I have been asked more than once if I’ll do a release concert. I’m really not sure, what do you think I should do?

I have alot features on here too. Christian Man came by and gave me a track he made and then dropped his verse on it. The song is called Back Sliders. My brother RIFICA came by and went in on a track called Witnessing. It’s also on his Death of Me mixtape. My sister Ameera came by and we did a crazy remix to Beyonce’s Party. My homie and church member Franklean came by and we killed Nicki’s Beez In The Trap. My youngsters, A1, came and represented too. Them boys, Mo Like Christ came through and we remixed Drake’s HYFR.

My brothers Trinity, Educator and Immortal blessed me with songs from their recent projects that I was featured on to include on the mixtape too! I’m trying to tell you, this just might be some of my best work. Real talk.

If you want to hear a few tracks I’ve released already, check out Blessings, Young Ones and Praise.

Anyway, find out for yourself. Be sure to stay tuned so you can get the download link when I release it. The easiest way to make sure you get it is to subscribe to my mailing list on the right. When it releases, you get the download link sent right to you. Don’t worry, your email is safe.

Praise No Matter What #HaveMercy #Praise

It is July 2012…half way through the year and it has definitely been a roller coaster of a year.  Roller coaster meaning up and downs.  I was granted custody of two of my children.  Thank you Jesus.  The third is a bit more difficult. It’s been a struggle not having my son at home.  I miss him dearly.  Have mercy Lord. Shortly after that, my grandmother passed.  Grandma Lewis (my Dad’s mother)  was  in her 90’s.  She was very wise, strong and focused.  She really laid my Christian foundation.  Her transition was tough to deal with.  My uncle, Money Mike, passed shortly after that.  He had a stroke and never recovered from it.  He gave me a lot of game and street knowledge….helped to keep me on my toes.  Not to long after that, I proposed to my girlfriend of almost 5 years.  She gladly said yes.  It was awesome.  I caught her totally off guard at my brother in law’s wedding.  I love her dearly. We got married.  It was beautiful ceremony held on a Sunday morning immediately following the morning service.  This was an extremely happy and proud and moment for me.  It was also sad because I really wanted my son to be there…but…that situation is still difficult.   Not even a week after the wedding, my other grandmother, my mother’s side,  transitioned.  She was very loving and a disciplinarian.  She called me, “Chaalie”.  She would give everything she had if she could.  This one is also tough to deal with.

Ok…so why did I tell all of that.  I did it for me to release and drive home my next point.  I’m a writer and one of the ways I release is to write it down…or go into the studio and spazz out.  I chose to write it down this time.  What I didn’t mention above is that I’ve learned to give God praise throughout all of it.  We should praise God for everything…good or bad, happy or sad.  I’ve learned that God has a plan for me and how I follow the plan affects my direct situation and those around me.  My Pastor says, we should praise in the midst of problems.  I made the decision that I will continue to praise God no matter what happens.  God knows what I want and he also knows what is best for me and my family.  However things happen and whatever happens in my life, was supposed to happen according to God’s will.  My message to you is give God praise whenever, wherever and however you want to.  Praise him when everything seems perfect.  Praise him when it seems like nothing is going right.  Understand, God is in control and that itself is enough reason to praise him.

In closing…I bring you another track off of the #HaveMercy mixtape.  It’s called Praise.  Listen and comment below..


Verse 1.
lift your hands to the sun rays when you giving the Lord praise
he blesses me anyways inspite of my bad ways
thankful for happy days
like frankie beverly and maze
I needed more than one and I ain’t talking about lays
thats why I praise whenever,
thats why I praise wherever,
don’t you know praise and worship go together
praise him forever I will never ever stop,
man I praise on purpose you can call it pop
I’m a minister of praise, mop
Christ hands on program, chop
you not praising you need a change of plan, cop
still talkin on praise, stop
I’m sharing with a purpose, swap
we get it Chuck, hold on player, hop
now give him some…

Verse 2.
Put your hands up
Give God praise
Having bad days you should praise anyways
Praise your way through any situation
Got educated praise call it praisucation
It ain’t hard all you have to do is give him glory
Share the story how he blessed you and you wasn’t worthy
Now that’s easy
Please believe me
Old school praise…I need thee
got faith in what I can’t see,
praise like I’m crazy you don’t understand you ain’t me,
where I been where I’m going and what I’m going through,
what he doing, what he did and what he gone do
so I give him some…

Verse 3.
good praise, great praise
help them people in the church with fake praise
fast praise, slow praise
praying for you, if you got no praise
don’t stop praise, go praise
i praise on the mic, I got flow praise
put my praise with yo praise
we praise together give God mo praise
now, give him some…

Blessings #HaveMercy

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This post, I want to talk about blessings…but not just blessings but the act of being blessed. More importantly, I have this question I want to hightlight. Why do people who you know, and I mean know well, tend to hate you the most when God is blessing you?

God has been so good to each and everyone, whether you know it or believe it. When you try hard and work for things that you genuinely want, it feels good when you God allows you to accomplish what it is you set out for. With that accomplishment, you tend to look for someone to celebrate with. You want to share that experience. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with companionship to share life’s experiences with. I’m talking about friends in particular.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the time they don’t know they are hating. They’ve forgotten that God blesses everyone according to his riches and according to their level of faith. Don’t hate me…for three reasons.

1.) It’s just not cool and I have nothing but love for you
2.) It won’t bother me and is a waste of time.
3.) Think about if Jesus came back right when you were hating… 2 Corinthians 12:20.

Anyway, I said all of that to say, check out #Blessings. This is another song from the #HaveMercy mixtape coming this summer. Answer this for me…why do you think people hate on you?

Young Ones #HaveMercy a few of you know I’m working on a new mixtape. I’ve decided on a title. It’s called #HaveMercy. I really want to target a younger generation with this particular project. I’ve noticed that my music tends to vibe with people who are between the ages of 25-45. I want to target some 15-25 year olds with this one. The world we live in is totally different from how it was 15 years ago when I was that age. I won’t say they have more to deal with but they have different types of things to deal with. It seems as if everything is going in reverse now. #HaveMercy on them Lord.

Boys want to be girls, wearing tight jeans and small shirts. Some walk around saggin showing they dirty drawls not knowing that’s really a sign of being gay and if they were in jail it would be an open invitation. They’re are becoming soft and weak minded and lack respect for themselves and other people. When I came up, there was certain things you didn’t do or say in front of older people. Others have no clue what work is and providing for yourself and family. They would rather steal, beg, borrow, bum or take it rather than make it. #HaveMercy on them Lord.

Girls are having another set of issues. Some want to be men. They feel they can accomplish it by shaving their hair, dressing like boys and changing their name. Others think having sex is the way to go. They end up lost looking for love not knowing what it is intended to be and worse they become pregnant and have STD’s. They lack attention so they try and get it by taking half naked pictures in bathroom mirrors with camera phones. By the way, duck lips aren’t cute and neither is the dirty room that is in the background. #HaveMercy on them Lord.

Now, I know these issues have existed long before me. I also know that the bigger issue is a lack of responsibility, caring, discipline, focus, prayer and time spent from the parents of these kids. That’s another topic, another post, another song. We’ll get to that later.

My above thoughts inspired the song “Young Ones”. I used Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Lift beat. This will go on the #HaveMercy mixtape. Listen and comment please. Thanks

New Poetic Prophet Mixtape

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I know…I know…I know…Highly Favored volume 3 just came out….but lately, I’ve been feeling crazy inspired to write. So, I’m about start working on a new mixtape project. This will be a simple mixtape, meaning, I won’t go spending money on production like I did for the Highly Favored album. I’m going to use instrumentals from songs that you hear on the radio. So far, I’ve got Motto, Moment 4 Life, Lotus Flower Bomb, Dance and Devil In A Blue Dress. It will likely between 10-15 tracks with 2 or 3 coming from Highly Favored v3. I’ll record it at my studio. I will reach out and have some features. I’m also thinking about anyone who I feature, will have to freestyle on another track. Hopefully at the end of the project, I’ll have an all freestyle song with my brothers in the ministry.

Now, with all that said, I need a title. I have a few ideas in mind to go along with the concept, but I’m interested in what others may think. Feel free to share thoughts. Thanks!

Highly Favored Album Release

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Poetic Prophet - Highly Favored volume 3First off, thanks to everyone who attended the album release party. It was a great success. I really had a blast and I pray yall did too. I went through a few cuts from my first two albums with the sole intent of educating those who may be new fans. I wanted you to see where I’ve came from.

Special shout outs to R.E.A.L Ministries for allowing the event to be held there. Thanks to Trinity for co-hosting. Much love to Immortal, Educator, Ameera York, Mama’s Boy and H2G for showing up and ministering. I love and appreciate yall.

If you don’t have the album, go and get it.

Below are a few videos from the album release…enjoy.





Rules of Engagement

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I’m writing this post after another listen to my brother Immortal’s latest project “Rules of Engagement”. Have you ever got your hands on an album that really moved you. It caused you to think deeply about how you live your life. This album does that for me. The production is on point. The concepts of the songs fit with what going on in society. Songs like “Paparazzi”, “Major Pain”, “Frenemyz”, “Still Standing” (featuring me) or my favorite “Prayer Warriors”. When I first heard the song, I had to bring it back a few times. The message was clear. Times don’t seem to be getting better. We need to pray.

The crime wave is climbing the murder rate increasing
This generational curse, our kids gonna repeat this
until we find the pieces that are missing to this puzzle
all our live we gonna struggle
and our seeds they gonna suffer
growing up without a father and barely have a mother
another teen gone wild with no direction and discover
that life is like a theme park, you enjoy all the rides
but heartache and pain awaits on the other side

I’ve always made it my business to make sure that each gospel song I release has a message that is supported by the word of God. As an artist, I try my best and pray that the songs I release help someone whether that someone is another artist, someone lost or a backslider. I really appreciate and thank God for other artist who are focused on the ultimate goal (leading others to Christ). This album is definitely one you should add to your collection. We are on the battlefield fighting for Christ and like any war, there are Rules of Engagement

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