Many Members 1 Body Concert…the Encore

On April 27, 2013 Immortal Souljahz Entertainment hosted the Many Members 1 Body Concert. It was a great success. I was slated to minister but it poured down raining, my wife’s car got flooded and we were stranded in South Park. Apparently, the concert was so good that people began contacting Immortal requesting an Encore show. Long story short…he reached out to everyone who participated and everyone was down for another one…so here we go! June 22, 2013 at Many Members 1 Body Concert…the Encore…and GOD willing, I’ll definitely be at this one. Come holla at ya boy. Tickets are only $10 and have some. Hit me up


Many Members 1 Body Concert

Saturday, April 27th starting promptly at 6:00pm is the “Many Members 1 Body Concert” Mo Serious Entertainment, Destine 2 Shine Records and H2G Ministries teamed up with Immortal Souljahz Entertainment to bring you this concert right in time for the Spring. This will be a concert to remember. The show features MB, Trinity, Immortal, Prisoners of God, Walk of Christianity, H2G, Educator and of course me, Poetic Prophet.

Let me tell you why you should come out. We all have albums available with songs that feature each other. We came together to do a concert only doing the songs we have together. This will be a high energy, high praise, God glorifying concert. Don’t be the one, looking at the pictures online wishing you would have came. Hit me up! The tickets are only $10.00 if you get them from me. It will be $15 at the door. You can get tickets online here.

Come praise God with us.

Post Written By Chuck