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Work in the church

What is work in the church? Why should you work in the church? How do you benefit from work in the church? Why do I have to go to church? These are several questions people saved and unsaved have asked me. I personally believe that just as much as the church is a place to find strength, love, worship, praise, a message from the Lord and basically learn and practice your faith, it is also a business.

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Will Money Change You (my 1st post)

One of my good friends told me the other day, Chuck, you should start blogging. I was like I know and then he was like, well, why haven’t you started. So…I’m starting. While typing this, I’m overhearing a conversation between a coworker and the president of my company about how most people change when they get “into the money”. Why do people change, if they really change?

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