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backstabbersDepending on who it is, determines how they will back stab, or betray or be deceitful towards you. You know what hurts the most about being betrayed…when it comes from someone who you admire…someone you look up to. Somebody who you wouldn’t dare do that to. We looked at David a couple weeks ago cause he did something so humble by not killing King Saul. We all love David, he was a great man of God. He did amazing things for the Kingdom. He also did alot of things wrong. He did plenty of things God wasn’t pleased with. We’ll look at one of his biggest mishaps and use it an encouragement. I want to talk about Backstabbers.

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Struggle Management

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I wanted to talk about the struggle, because the struggle is real.  When I say the struggle, I’m referring to what I call, hard times.  We’ve all experienced hard times before. Especially, as a believer…the devil is always attacking you.  Your struggle could be lack of shelter, struggling to keep bills paid, marital issues, wayward kids, health issues and more.  I’m not talking about things like what you wearing today, what car you driving or what restaurant you eating at.  Those don’t represent the struggle most of us are dealing with.

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Get Saved Volume 2

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Poetic Prophet - Get Saved volume 2Get Saved Volume 2 is Poetic Prophet’s second full length studio album. Released in 2007, Poetic was at a turning point in his life, career and ministry. This project is a look into how he dealt with it by believing in the Word of God.  He realized he was blessed because he had a relationship with Jesus, throughout everything he was going through.  It became necessary to encourage others to get saved so they could be blessed as well.

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Street Gospel volume 1

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Street Gospel volume 1 is the first screwed and chopped mixtape by Mo Serious Entertainment. It features a collection of songs from various MSE projects including Highly Favored volume 3, Untold Stories, God Bless The Feet, Have Mercy, Retributionand Young & Saved.

DJ Ice 1 did the mixing, screwing and chopping of the project.

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God Bless The Feet -front-cover

God Bless The Feet

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God Bless The Feet is the first full length studio album from Mo City’s own George Simpkins, also known as Feet.  It was preluded by the Blessed Feet EP.  GBTF is 17 tracks for pure fire as Feet spits over down south, west coast and trap beats telling the story of Jesus Christ with his personal testimony.

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God Bless the Feet was inspired by the Scripture Roman 10:15. I have been a part of countless mixtapes including Hardhead World and Representing Hardheads, endless solo songs including My Verse is Fire and Never Count Me Out and many features including Understanding by JT the Golden Child, If I Didn’t Pray and Wave Yo Hands To Jesus by Poetic Prophet. God Bless the Feet is my solo project.

The majority of the album was written before I received the beats, then rewrote once I found the perfect beat. All the lyrics on the album where written to lift up Jesus, witness about Jesus, or testify about the greatness of Jesus. While writing the album I wanted the lyrics to stand with secular songs, but still holy. Many of the songs are testimonies telling firsthand how Jesus helped me. While other songs on the album, paint a picture or tell a brief story. I wanted the lyrics as vivid as possible to make sure that the message of the song was understood clearly. All songs on the album are very lyrically. On God Bless the Feet, I wanted to let the world know that Gospel rappers can rap.

God Bless the Feet took over a month to record. All the songs were recorded at Mo. Serious Studios. The studio sessions were closed session. Only select people, outside of the artist on the album, were allowed in the studio while I was recording. I wanted to keep a positive and holy atmosphere without outside interruptions. I believe that was important to keep such atmosphere while recording this album.

The features on the album all come from the Mo Serious roster. Poetic Prophet was one of two artists to write a song without me on the album. I chose one of his old classic verses as an interlude and he also featured on the song, “Hold On”and “Seriously”. . Franklean is another Mo Serious artist on my album and the song he is featured on is , “Preach”and “Seriously.” The title of the song actually came from one of his ad-libs. Lela is the only true singer on the album. She is also my writing partner. She is featured on “Hold On, Make Me New”, and wrote “Lift up My Eyes”. JT, the Golden is heavily featured on my album. He recently recorded his Christian debut album entitled, “Untold Stories. JT is featured on “Live By, Die By, Kingdom Representors,” and” Seriously.” The last feature on the album is Soulja Story. Soulja Story is a long time rapper collaborator. While making the album, I knew I wanted Soulja Story to be a part of so I decided to put on “Kingdom Representors.”

God Bless the Feet is a collection of Gospels raps filled with lyrics and bars proclaiming the greatness of Jesus. I tried to spread the Gospel on every song. The purpose of the album is to reach the non-believers and tell the them the Good News, to encourage the believers with songs of praise, and to raise the level of Gospel Rap.

The Vision Team – Foundation

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Weather The Storm is the first single from the Foundation project. Check the visual.


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Poetic Prophet – Bars #NowOrNever

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“Bars” was a song inspired by Sway’s, Five Fingers where the artist he is interviewing gets a chance to drop some bars over some familiar tracks. It was also an opportunity for me to try and display some lyrical skill while delivering the message of the Savior. The lyricism in Christian Hip Hop is always presented with bias opinions. Some feel that since

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A1 – CREAM video

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This is the 3rd visual from A1’s, Young & Saved mixtape

7 Awesome Ways To Make The NBA Better #OpenLetter2NBA

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Open Letter to the NBA by Charles Lewis

To The NBA Commissioner, media outlets, broadcast partners, NBA players, players union, staff and fans; thank you for reading this and please share your thoughts.

This open letter to the NBA contains a list of seven different areas that affect NBA games and a few suggestions for each that I believe will

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Blessed Feet EP

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Blessed Feet EPThe Blessed Feet EP is the first release and preview of what’s to come on Feet’s, God Bless The Feet album.  It is 5 songs that will truly bless you and leave you anxiously waiting for the full length GBTF album.

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