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Now Or Never Volume 4

MoSerious has released the fourth studio album from Poetic Prophet, Now Or Never Volume 4.


It is available on iTunes. Amazon. Google Play




Still Christian

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Still Christian is a few bars Poetic Prophet penned being inspired by Jay Z’s track, The Story of OJ.


Feet – Introduction

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Introduction is the 1st song on Feet’s, God Bless The Feet album available right now.

PSA single cover

Public Service Announcement

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Public Service Announcement (PSA) is the first single from Poetic Prophet’s latest project, Now Or Never volume 4 coming Spring 2018.  Support the movement by watching the video.  If you really want to show us some love…purchase the single from iTunes.



New #LyricVideo for #NewSingle called #PublicServiceAnnouncement nothing but luv to Alex C Rodriguez for the vid #PreciateIt

Posted by Charles Lewis on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Eye Of The Storm

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Eye Of The Storm Artwork

New Album by JT da Golden Child…

Eye of the Storm available now for Digital Download at your favorite retailer.


Google Play


Benefits Of The Lord

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This week, I wanted to talk about the benefits of the Lord.  Before we get into that though, let me give a quick shout out to my brother Domino from Big 6 BBQ and my sister Lele (thats my bro Feet wife).  I was talking to them last week and they inspired today’s lesson, and how we’ll move forward in the coming weeks.  Basically, Domino just got huge blessing, about to relocate his restaurant and he admitted to me that he knew, it was only cause he been praising God and trying to do right. Then, I was at Feet crib chopping it up with them and we was checking last weeks episode, and Lele was like…”man Chuck, your show is like hip hop Bible study”.  Domino’s blessing inspired today’s subject, Benefits of the Lord, but Lele’s description of Lyrical & Spiritual, a “hip hop Bible study” is why we still in Genesis, looking at Joseph.  We gonna rock with Joseph for a minute. Its alot we can learn from his experiences.

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Elijah Ravens

Following Gods Directions

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Elijah RavensWe have to do a better job of simply following instructions…period. We can be putting something together and the instructions call for a Phillips screwdriver…we’ll use a flathead. The recipe said 30 minutes at 300 degrees and we’ll do 20 minutes at 350. Why do we have trouble following directions? More importantly, why do we get frustrated when our way doesn’t work? Why do we keep trying new ways and using our own logic instead of following directions? There is value in following directions, especially when God gives them to you. In this post, we’ll look at Elijah, one of the major prophets. He showed us a few reasons why we need to simply follow Gods directions.

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backstabbersDepending on who it is, determines how they will back stab, or betray or be deceitful towards you. You know what hurts the most about being betrayed…when it comes from someone who you admire…someone you look up to. Somebody who you wouldn’t dare do that to. We looked at David a couple weeks ago cause he did something so humble by not killing King Saul. We all love David, he was a great man of God. He did amazing things for the Kingdom. He also did alot of things wrong. He did plenty of things God wasn’t pleased with. We’ll look at one of his biggest mishaps and use it an encouragement. I want to talk about Backstabbers.

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