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Daddy's Girl Problems…

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This past weekend, while sitting at the laundromat, I was thinking about families. This was after a call from my BM (baby momma) with some news about my youngest daughter(age 5). Apparently, she has been acting up in school. She went on to say that the disciplinary efforts (butt whippings) she was giving weren’t working and recommended that I have a talk with her the following weekend when I had them. So, naturally I couldn’t wait until then and caught up with them at “Granny’s” house. Prior to meeting them, I had a conversation with her teacher. I was told pretty much what I expected to hear, that her work is outstanding but her behavior won’t be tolerated. I thought back to my childhood and realized that I did the same thing after my parents split and I was about the same age. Every week, when I see my children, they are so happy to see me. We have so much fun and the weekend goes by so fast. We get sad after church, because we know it is approaching time to part ways. When it’s time for the drop off, it never fails, they hate to leave, especially the youngest.

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